1. Earth Climate

Weather and climate

LESSON:  monitoring weather and climate


  • Learn how weather predictions are made, and the importance of data collection
  • Understand how to detect inputs from sensors

  • Learn how to process data received from sensors

  • Be part of a larger effort to gain a holistic understanding of global environmental issues

  • Understand the difference between weather and climate


Earth Science, Physics

Students age     

14-18 y


Activity1 (1 h): weather and climate
The weather is important to our daily lives, so let’s see how it works.


Read  this article and watch this video


Activity2 (3 h): make your own weather station

You can skip this part and use data from meteo net, like meteorete in Italy, Metoffice or ESA Earth online.

We built our weather station using the kit Pce fws 20 (PCE ITALIA)

 Students were asked to examine the sensors and we had lessons about the  rain gauge, the wind vane. the  anemometer, the ambient temperature and the relative humidity of the air sensor, the barometric pressure sensor.

We tested our weather station, then some teachers installed it outside, on the roof of our school.

Now  it's possible connect the station (or the meteo data net) to Raspberry Pi and use  the teach resources

For younger students you can follow these activities

Activity3: monitoring the weather
Students have to analyze the data every week and send their value to the International monitoring system in EduArctic,
Data from Italian weather station.